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 Product Information 

There are a number of features that make our Street/ Strip, Full Race, &  Heavy Duty (Tow Application) Torque Converters for the Racing & Towing Enthusiast!


Each and every one of our Street/Strip and Heavy Duty Series Transmissions are pressure washed, carefully inspected, and then assembled with the highest quality components in the industry including all new Borg Warner friction plates, steel plates, *bands, filter, *modulator, bushings, washers, special heavy duty and heat treated higher element sprags, spring and *roller kits, *servos and accumulator pistons, sealing rings, "O"rings lip seals, clad seals, gaskets, and valve body performance/heavy duty reprogramming kits... Any hard parts found worn or damaged are replaced with stronger upgraded new or re-manufactured components... All computer controlled heavy duty Transmissions are assembled with brand new electrical components...


Each and everyone of our Torque Converters are Custom Built under very strict quality control using state-of-the-art equipment, the finest components, and with Performance and Reliability in mind!

We are very Confident you will find all of our Mojave Green Torque Converters to be among the Finest in the World...

The "Street Performance Series" is available in a 12" bowl and Custom Built with a furnace brazed and or fully tig welded vane structure, Heavy Duty Torrington bearings, and hardened steel hub for Maximum Strength and Total Reliability!
Each Converter is computer balanced and pressure tested for leaks... Available stall range is *2000 to 2600... They are ideal for use with mild to moderately modified engines looking for more torque on initial acceleration and smooth idle when in gear...

 The "Street/Strip and Full Race Series" is available in a 10inch and 8inch Race kit... Available stall range is *2800 to 7000... 
Each unit is Custom Built with Impeller hubs and Turbine hubs made from 4130 Chrome-moly steel, 52100 bearing steel race stator, Heavy Duty Torrington bearings, and are available with adapter ring or a CNC billet machined front cover which features a screw-on pilot system allowing the covers to be quickly and easily adapted for use with a engine plate up to .500"... Turbine hub flanges are welded to the turbine at a greater distance from the center and directly to the shell in order to achieve stress distribution and a stiffer turbine assembly... Impeller hubs have thick, large diameter flanges in order to resist ballooning... Each converter is computer balanced and pressure tested for leaks...

Our Full Race Converters are available with your choice of a High Performance One Way Clutch, One Way Clutch Eliminator which prevents the stator from freewheeling or a S7 Tool Steel Mechanical Diode one way clutch with much greater strength than roller clutches and dog-leg style sprags... 
The Clutch Eliminator Kit and the S7 Mechanical Diode are ideal for high powered drag racing vehicles...
They are not designed for street use...
The diode comes with a one year warranty from date of purchase...

*(if applicable)

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