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Dodge Cummins Diesel
(A618/47RE) 13.875" 23spline (Lockup) Heavy Duty Diesel application...
1993-up Cummins Diesel
Includes: CNC Steel Billet front cover, completely furnace brazed vane structure, Heavy Duty Torrington bearings, hardened steel hub, and a super low stall stator assembly for the Ultimate Towing Performance!
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This particular (tow application) Torque Converter will be Custom Built with a CNC Steel Billet front cover replacing the stock cover stamped from low-carbon steel which is known to trap heat, causing warpage and distortion leading to early failure... The stall speed has been modified approximately 400 RPM lower than stock in order to maximize your Diesels power curve potential... We eliminate the stock plastic stator washer and install a Heavy Duty Torrington bearing for Ultimate support and rotation of the Turbine... This Converter is Ideal for Heavy Duty Tow Vehicles and Off-Road Enthusiasts wanting stronger low end pulling power, improved fuel economy, Maximum Strength, and total Reliability!
Note: This Torque Converter has become critical and is sold on exchange basis therefore your core must be sent in advance of product shipment or a $100.00 (re-fundable) core charge will be added to your product invoice  Core charges will be refunded if core is returned within 45 days of shipment...
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